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On Wed, 8 November, 2023 - 12:39
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Since the beginning of lockdown in 2020, our small team has largely been working from home. We meet up occasionally in Cambridge for a day, and gather online once a week. But last week we had the opportunity to spend time together at Adhisthana where we came together to discuss important operational matters, make decisions, and shape the future of Windhorse Publications.

Walter, who is responsible for our book marketing, said…

‘The meeting was a resounding success, filled with insightful discussions on vital topics aimed at restructuring Windhorse Publications for the better. What truly made this meeting special was our collective embrace of friendship, fostering a sense of compassion and support within our team. During the three days spent in the Malvern hills we also invited the larger Sangharakshita Complete Works team to share all their magnificent work on the Complete Works project. A truly inspirational effort, done with love and admiration for Sangharakshita. Dhivan led a compelling study group on animism and together we visited a multi-centenary oak tree that stood in Adhisthana’s grounds, admiring it in all its majestic beauty.’

Michelle, who is responsible for book production at Windhorse Publications, had never been to Adhisthana before. She said…

‘I really enjoyed our days at Adhisthana, and thought it was a very beautiful place. I loved walking in the gardens and grounds and then visiting the large oak tree together. The trustees’ meeting went very well. I was particularly interested in the discussion around print on demand. And we had a lovely meeting with the rest of the Complete Works team; it was so nice to share and celebrate the results of all our work over the years on this project. And it was lovely to meet up in person with everyone.’

Dhivan is the long-standing Chair of the Windhorse Publications Trustees, and also part of our editorial board. He said…

‘I was delighted to spend some quality time in the company of the Windhorse Publications team and trustees in person. We had the opportunity to review how the business is going and to make some important decisions together about the future. I had a strong sense that Windhorse Publications continues to thrive, even during a difficult time for independent publishers. It was especially good to meet with almost everyone involved in the Complete Works project, which is now nearing completion. There was a sense of rejoicing and celebration, with 24 volumes published and the last three in sight. Such a lot of talent and commitment has come together to make the project happen.’

So, along with the rest of the team and trustees, and renewed by our time together, we are back at our desks this week, inspired by the books and projects coming up over the next few months. Watch this space.

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