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Uncontrived Mindfulness: turn your life into a retreat

On Thu, 4 June, 2020 - 16:39
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Uncontrived Mindfulness: turn your life into a retreat

27 June – 3 July

A Taraloka on-line meditation retreat led by Vajradevi for Dharmacharinis and women training for ordination.

What is the relationship between mindfulness and wisdom? How can a seemingly simple practice of on-going awareness help us to know the nature of reality? On this retreat we will be using the Buddha’s words in the Satipatthana Sutta to practice with this profound yet accessible teaching. Through periods of formal and informal meditation, we will cultivate awareness that is both receptive and reflexive. With continuity of practice the quality of our minds is transformed and a deeper understanding of the way things are is naturally revealed.  

Awareness is crucial to Insight, but a dharma perspective is even more important. Without ‘Right View’ informing what we’re aware of, we run the risk of reinforcing ‘wrong views’. Wrong views are naturally present in the unenlightened state, but we can train ourselves to become aware of those ideas and distortions through learning to watch our minds. Mind watching reveals how we are relating to whatever is happening in experience, whether it be a thought, an emotion or arising through one of our senses.

Through the input on this online retreat, tools will be offered to help us relate to ourselves in ways that don’t create further suffering for ourselves or others. This is a receptive way of practicing that lends itself to cultivating a continuity of spacious mindfulness within daily life with an  emphasis on continuity of awareness outside of formal practice times. We’ll practice in different postures - walking, sitting, standing, and lying down - with encouragement to stay present to whatever is happening in any moment. This approach to awareness is deceptively simple but profound, with kindness as an implicit thread running through it and understanding a potential in every moment.

 There will be opportunities to talk about your practice during the retreat, and to benefit from the experiences of others practicing together.

Watch your mind from moment to moment, cultivate clear seeing within whatever you are doing, and free your heart wherever you are.

Vajradevi has been practising and teaching mindfulness with a strong insight dimension for many years. To further her practice, she has studied with specialists on Satipatthana on several long retreats in Burma and the US.

 Between 2000-2007 she spearheaded Akashavana in Spain.

She lives in Shrewsbury with her partner and is involved with the Shrewsbury Buddhist Centre when she is not leading retreats.

 She has recently finished writing her first book entitled ‘Uncontrived Mindfulness’. This will be published in early 2021 by Windhorse Publications.

You can read her meditation blog at http://uncontrivedmindfulness.net

This event is free of charge, but Taraloka currently has no other source of income so please help us to survive - suggested dana £50-£150.


10.30-12.30 teaching, led meditation and interactive sessions

4.30- 6pm groups and meditation (Sat, Tues and Fri)

5-6pm meditation (Sun, Mon, Weds, Thurs)

8-9pm meditation or puja 

Retreat starts 10:30am Saturday 27th June and ends 9pm Friday 3th July.

All the morning and afternoon sessions will be recorded.  Recordings will be made available to retreatants on the same day.

Register for the retreat via the Taraloka website https://www.taraloka.org.uk/retreats/online-event-uncontrived-mindfulness-turn-your-life-retreat-order-members-and-women