How has Sangharakshita's life changed yours?

On Sat, 11 July, 2015 - 15:25
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Four young women from Adhisthana’s DharmaLife course - which finished yesterday - talk to Amalavajra about how their lives have been changed by Sangharakshita’s life and writings.

Bhante’s 90th birthday present will be the collation, editing and publication (paper and digital) of everything that he has ever written. This is an enormous project that will need five years work and £100,000 (including some translations from English).

Without it, the scattered share of Bhante’s writings that is currently available will simply become harder to come by and explore in full.

Bhante’s ‘Collected Works’ will offer us, and future generations of Western Buddhists, a broad and deep view of everything that he has written in service of teaching the Dharma and building a Sangha in the modern world.

Help preserve Bhante’s literary legacy for everyone, forever, by:

- sharing this video post with your friends
- making a financial contribution at and leaving a birthday message
- organising a collection amongst your friends

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lovely - well done girls

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I really enjoyed this. Well done all, and thank you Bhante!

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What I love the most is the simple common sense responses that Bhante gives to all my complex questions. What wou.ld Bhante say? Thank you Bhante

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I can just say thank you, and well done!