Welcome to Meditation: Transform Self and World With Stillness and Simplicity

Meditation: Transform Self and World with Stillness and Simplicity

This is a group for attendees of the four-week course being held in Portsmouth, NH from Sept 12 to Oct 3 2019.

Course description:
Meditation is not only a way of cultivating internal integration and contentment, it can be taken up as a form of activism that directly counters rampant consumerism.
It’s easy to feel disheartened and perhaps even powerless in relation to societal difficulties and the effects of climate change. If we’re conscientious, we tend to make changes in our lives that support a more effective social dialogue, and reduce our environmental footprint. These changes can sometimes be hard to maintain, and we may find that it is often our own restlessness and consumer conditioning that undoes our best efforts.
In this introductory meditation class, we will explore ways of working with the heart and mind that contribute to an internal state of contentment. Utilizing the principles of Buddhist ethics, we will explore our own patterns of behavior, and recognize changes that could be made to make a meaningful and consistent impact on the world we live in.


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