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The Middle Way Podcast: Sangharakshita and the Middle Way

On Wed, 4 July, 2018 - 12:42
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The Middle Way Society is an international group for the study, promotion and practice of the Middle Way.  In June, Robert M. Ellis, a member of the Society, interviewed Sangharakshita about the Middle Way for their podcast.  The conversation covered much ground: starting with an exploration of the Middle Way in the context of the Buddha’s life, it moves into the areas of right effort, eternalism and nihilism, rebirth, livelihood and more.

The Middle Way ultimately is a matter of practice. One has to find it in practice and one’s attitude. (Sangharakshita)

Listen to The Middle Way Society Podcast with Sangharakshita 

Listen to Saddhanandi interviewing Sangharakshita in April

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jayarava's picture

This is quite interesting given that when Robert (formerly Upekṣacitta) left the Order in a huff because no one would take his whacky philosophy seriously, he accused Sangharakshita of being “an eternalist”. Ten years on, the website blurb for the interview is still very critical of Sangharakshita, granting him a kind of secondary importance as someone who has grasped the basics of Robert’s philosophy but has failed to see the full implications of it and consequently led us all astray (blind as we all are to the value of Robert’s insights).

It was quite magnanimous of Sangharakshita to grant this interview.


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personally i found the ‘blurb’ on the website very fair and balanced and respectful