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Buddhafield 2021: Talks on YouTube - Kiss the Earth

On Fri, 13 August, 2021 - 18:52
kusaladevi's picture

In case you missed them, the talks from the Buddhafield “Kiss the Earth” festival are now available to watch on YouTube! 

A wonderful set of talks from Sanghadhara, Saddhanandi, Chittapala, Maitrijyoti, Dhivan, Kusaladevi and Joanna Spence.

The theme of the festival was “Kiss the Earth”. When we connect with the earth, we are also connecting with ourselves and with other beings, recognizing we are part of a greater whole. We can begin to let go of the barriers that separate us from one another.

To kiss the earth is to celebrate all her beauty and plenty. The earth has given to us abundantly, how can we show our gratitude?

Talks recorded July 2021

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