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The Householder's Life

On Mon, 24 February, 2014 - 22:27
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The Householder’s Life

…. Is how most of our lives would be described in traditional Buddhist terms. A life that is not monastic but rather more concerned with career, family, property and of course some time kept for recreation and even spiritual practice …..

The Buddha had quite a bit to say to householders – many of his followers were householders and I have always found it interesting and most instructive to read and reflect on the teachings he gave to them.

Currently I’m reading through a section of sutras where he gives advice to husbands, wives and householders in general. If I were to summarise it I’d say that he gives a very clear call to be ethical, generous, steady and mindful. To do what one has said one will do with kindness, clarity, integrity and fairness.

He speaks about wealth righteously gained and earned with strong and industrious hands and then goes on to say how to one should protect it in order to use it well for family and to support those who teach and guide one spiritually (probably the monks in traditional Buddhist culture).

And here’s my hot tip for the week …….

Meditation is the best way I know to live in this way thereby bringing great happiness and contentment to self and others

Hope you can join us Thursday night to do The Metta Bhavana Practice

Muchos Metta

Dharmalata and Padmadakini


The Coogee Croquet Club has invited us to have a day where we come and learn to play croquet.

It will be Sunday April the 6th

There will be a meditation at 9 am and then croquet at 10 am

Be lovely to see as many as would like to attend but please RSVP to me as they have asked for an idea of numbers.

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