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Prasadacarin: Friendship and the Path of Responsibility (Full Interview)

On Sat, 4 June, 2022 - 11:17
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Padmapani is my Yidam, two-armed Avalokitesvara… I came from a Pureland Mahayana tradition so I wanted all of the Buddhas and bodhisattvas to be part of my practice, but I gradually narrowed down… Avalokitesvara gave the Heart Sutra and bit by bit it became clear that, ‘Well, it’s just a question of how many arms!

When Prasadacarin’s school teacher organized a class visit to a Mahayana Buddhist temple in Stockholm, Sweden, he did not imagine his encounter with the Dharma that day would spark off his own spiritual quest, and lead eventually to becoming Chair of  Triratna’s Stockholm Buddhist Centre in his early 20s!

Listen to this moving account of a spiritual life that started at a very early age, passing through the twists and turns of growing up and the complications of coming out as a gay man in a context that wasn’t supportive. Prasadacarin speaks openly and from the heart in this latest Fifty Years, Fifty Voices episode of the podcast.

Extracts from this talk were used for the 50 Years, 50 Voices project - visit the dedicated space on The Buddhist Centre Online for more


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