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Fifty Years, Fifty Voices: Jayadevi (Highlights)

On Wed, 6 July, 2022 - 12:28
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I’d be a bitter, burned-out trade unionist, I think, if I wasn’t a Buddhist…

Jayadevi’s Annals

In 1968 - I was living in Hackney, at St Paul’s Church of England Primary School. Winning the school scripture prize, attending Girl Guides, Church (C of E) and Sunday School.

In 1978 - I was a student in Liverpool studying English Lit and Psychology with Divinity. In a long term relationship with a boyfriend. The nearest I have ever come to being married!

In 1988 - A full-on GFR Mitra (someone who has asked for ordination) in Manchester, attending retreats when I could. Raising a baby and teaching full time in an inner-city primary school.

In 1998 - I was ordained 9 years now. Still raising my daughter (alone), teaching in a primary school. Attending Order Conventions, seeing Order friends, not able to do many retreats, not doing much at the Centre.

In 2008 - I was still teaching full time in a school for refugee kids newly arrived in the UK. Supporting my daughter through university. Mitra study leader, seeing Mitras regularly.

In 2018 - I became a Private Preceptor. Retired from full-time work. Seeing Mitras, attending kula meetings, and went down to being one chapter (instead of two). Still here. Still doing it. Woo!

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