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50 Years, 50 Voices: Prasadacarin (Highlights)

On Wed, 24 October, 2018 - 19:52
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It was quite mindblowing that people were actually trying to practice…


Prasadacarin’s Annals

In 1968 my Serbian grandparents had been in Sweden a year and my mother was born. My father was two years old and was still living in Denmark. 

In 1978 my mother was ten and my father twelve, and they were now living in the same suburb north of Stockholm.

In 1988 my parents were in a relationship and living together. They got married and were waiting for me to arrive (mid-March 1989).

In 1998 I was nine years old and had been in school for a couple of years. My parents had been divorced many years and I was living with my mother and her/my new family. My father had moved to the north of Sweden with his new family.

In 2008 I was nineteen and had been a Buddhist for six years. I was practicing with the Taiwanese/Chinese sangha I had encountered at thirteen (Fo Guang Shan/Buddha’s Light International Association). I finished ‘gymnasium’ and started studying Mandarin Chinese at university. I had been in a relationship with my fiancé, Fredrik, for almost three years and we moved to our own place. 

In 2018 I have trained and worked as an undertaker for a few years, completed a Batchelors, and almost a Master’s, degree in Indology (Sanskrit and Pali). My first contact with Triratna was on a young Buddhist activity at the centre in late 2010. The first Triratna Buddhist and Order member I met was Satyaprabha, who is now one of my kalyana-mitras. I also met Bodhisakta-to-be, my other kalyana-mitra, that first time. I worked as Centre manager in Stockholm for a few years and will have soon been ordained two years. In May 2018 I will have been the Chairman of the Stockholm Buddhist Center for a year. I am still living with Fredrik and we have been married for six years. I have just come back from my first time in India, two weeks of magical pilgrimage and a lovely week on the Order convention!

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